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LIQUORICE, benefits, health: Licorice is good for our body. The Calabria (Italy) has the most important tradition in the Licorice root. As in all things we must not abuse it. It is a root that Hippocrates, the father of Medicine, suggested to treat, for example, digestive problems, cough, low blood pressure and more. Today, the Licorice is very appreciated in the confectionery industry, the packaging of delicious ice creams, as well as in the production of a myriad of products that cover all tastes. Even the most sophisticated and refined proposed gift packs.

PURCHASE LIQUORICE: Licorice you may want to buy pure e-shop dedicated to the Mediterranean diet and the “Healthy Food” 100% Italy. You can find it by clicking or

GREEN ECONOMY – SIMPLY MED is the Italian organization of young and high-level organization whose mission is the GREEN ECONOMY. For this reason, consumer protection laws against counterfeiting through direct contact with companies that produce products peasant Italian Mediterranean Diet.

LIQUORICE LIQUOR PURCHASE: click and enter in the e-Shop Here’s the direct link. Med on Simply buy larger quantities and pay less through special contracts with the Producers:

PURCHASE PURE LICORICE: Licorice is important to buy it pure. Derivatives are one thousand, but the pure Licorice has a few producers who hand down the tradition. Among these ancient “LICORICE Zagarese” now produced and sold by NatureMed online by the prestigious e-Shop “Simply Med – the products of the Mediterranean Diet 100% ITALY”. The link reference is always the same:

LIQUORICE SHOP: e Shop offers you the wonderful gift packages of licorice in which you can find: delicious chocolates from the heart of Licorice, Licorice Liqueur, Jams Licorice Powder Licorice, licorice candy in pure, slivers of licorice, Tronchetti Licorice, Licorice Root, and a series of delights capable of seducing even the most discerning palates.

LIQUORICE NATURE MED: we think is the best: great tradition (Zagarese), pure, worked for everyone, excellent products sold between the Mediterranean Diet Simply Med


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